How to Conference Call on Android: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you looking to host conference calls on your Android device? With the increasing popularity of remote communication, conference calls have become an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of conducting conference calls on Android devices, ensuring you stay connected and productive. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Conference Calls on Android

Before we delve into the steps, let’s briefly explore what conference calls are and why they are crucial in today’s communication landscape. A conference call allows multiple participants to connect simultaneously, enabling seamless collaboration and communication, regardless of location. Whether you’re conducting a team meeting, hosting a virtual event, or catching up with friends and family, conference calls on Android offer convenience and efficiency.

Steps to Conference Call on Android

Now that we understand the significance of conference calls on Android, let’s explore the step-by-step process of initiating and managing conference calls on your device:

1. Setting up a Conference Call with Contacts from the Phonebook

  • Open your phone app on Android and navigate to the “Contacts” tab.
  • Select the first contact you want to include in the conference call.
  • Tap the “Call” button to dial the contact.
  • Once the call is connected, tap the “Add Call” button to add more participants.
  • Repeat the process for each additional contact you wish to include.
  • Finally, tap the “Merge” or “Merge Calls” option to merge all the calls into a conference call.

2. Adding Participants to an Ongoing Call

  • Suppose you’re already in a call and want to add more participants to create a conference call.
  • While on the call, tap the “Add Call” button.
  • Select the contact you want to add from the phonebook or manually enter the number.
  • Once the call connects, tap the “Merge” or “Merge Calls” option to merge all participants into a conference call.
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3. Merging Multiple Calls into a Conference Call

  • If you have multiple ongoing calls and wish to merge them into a conference call:
  • While on an active call, tap the “Hold & Accept” or “Answer” button to put the current call on hold.
  • Tap the “Swap” or “Switch” button to alternate between calls.
  • Repeat the process to answer other incoming calls.
  • Finally, tap the “Merge” or “Merge Calls” option to merge all the calls into a conference call.

Troubleshooting Common Issues during Conference Calls on Android

Despite the convenience of conference calls on Android, you may encounter some common issues. Let’s address a few potential problems and provide troubleshooting tips to ensure smooth and uninterrupted calls:

  1. Audio Quality Issues: If you experience poor audio quality during a conference call, try the following:

    • Ensure a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.
    • Move to an area with better network coverage.
    • Check if any background apps are consuming excessive resources.
    • Use headphones or earphones for improved audio clarity.
  2. Call Drops or Disconnections: If your conference calls frequently drop or disconnect, consider these solutions:

    • Verify your network signal strength and switch to a stronger network if available.
    • Disable any battery-saving modes that might interrupt network connectivity.
    • Restart your Android device and try again.
    • Update your device’s operating system and phone app to the latest version.
  3. Inability to Merge Calls: If you encounter difficulties merging calls into a conference call, try the following:

    • Ensure your device and phone app support conference calling.
    • Verify with your service provider that conference calling is enabled on your plan.
    • Restart your device and attempt the merge again.
    • If the issue persists, contact your service provider for further assistance.
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These troubleshooting tips should help you overcome common issues and enjoy seamless conference calls on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s address some commonly asked questions related to conference calls on Android:

Q: Can I conference call with participants using different devices?
A: Absolutely! Conference calls on Android allow participants to join from various devices, including other Android devices, iPhones, landlines, and even computers.

Q: What is the maximum number of participants allowed in an Android conference call?
A: The maximum number of participants may vary depending on your service provider and device specifications. However, most Android devices support conference calls with up to 5 or more participants.

Q: Are there any additional charges for making conference calls on Android?
A: Conference calling may utilize your allotted minutes or incur additional charges, depending on your service provider and plan. It is advisable to check with your provider to understand any potential costs associated with conference calling.


In conclusion, conducting conference calls on Android devices has never been easier. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly initiate and manage conference calls with multiple participants. Remember to troubleshoot common issues, and feel free to refer to the FAQ section for any further clarifications. Embrace the power of conference calling on Android and stay connected with ease, regardless of distance or location. Happy conferencing!

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